There are many features to look for in a Lexington Law credit repair review.

However, if you want to avoid paying a fortune for an inferior service, you should consider giving Credit Repair a try instead.

Inaccurate information on your credit report should not stop you from getting the things you want in life.

Then again, you’re not going to get the results you expect if you don’t correct the mistakes.

Sky Blue Credit

If you’re looking for a credit repair company that’s affordable and provides good service, you’ve probably come across some Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews. While you might not be able to get as much assistance for your money as you’d like from a larger company, they certainly don’t charge as much as other companies. You can also cancel the service with no hassle, since Sky Blue offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Lexington Law also offers credit repair services, although the two are very different. Both firms have a 90-day money-back guarantee and differ slightly in their price structure and service packages. You can get a free consultation by calling either one of them, and both have an excellent reputation. Despite their different services, Sky Blue is the best option if you’re unsure if Lexington Law is the right choice for you.


While it’s possible to repair your credit report by yourself, you may wonder if it’s worth hiring a professional service to help you. Luckily, there are many credit repair services that can help you get your credit score back on track. Lexington Law can help you with this, as well. The average customer had 10.2 negative items removed from their credit report, but it took a long time. It also became quite expensive after a while.

While there’s no military discount, you can still receive some benefits from the company. You can sign up online, cancel at any time, and receive a free consultation. The service also has an app and an online portal that you can log into to track your progress. In addition to its credit repair services, Lexington Law offers members a free consultation and mobile apps. Their website also includes educational resources and a chat function so you can get help whenever you need it.


As the leader in credit repair services, Lexington  Law Firm is the perfect option for anyone who is looking to improve their credit score. This firm has been in business since 1991, and is led by attorney-at-law John Heath. The firm has extensive experience in credit repair, having disputed millions of negative items and fixed the credit reports of over five million people. However, not all of their clients have been completely satisfied, and the firm’s service may not be right for everyone.

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While all credit repair services may offer different levels of service, there are some important things that you should be aware of before making a decision. The company will pull your credit report once a year for free. The bureaus regularly verify the information in credit reports, and an incomplete report will be rejected. If there are errors, your attorney will dispute them. However, if the information is mismatched, you will be required to pay for the credit checks, which can quickly drain any savings you may have gained with a standard plan.


The Better Business Bureau is a third-party validation of a company’s ethics and reputation. While Lexington Law Firm is not accredited with the BBB, it has received a ‘C’ rating. Other smaller credit repair companies maintain BBB accreditation. The firm also responds to complaints posted on its BBB page, and customers have reported mostly positive results. The firm has assisted over 500,000 American consumers in repairing their credit.

One of the biggest complaints in TransUnion credit repair reviews of Lexington Law Firm concerns the company’s billing practices. Many clients have reported that Lexington Law firms billed them in arrears, and they were mistakenly billed for services they had never received. Some customers have also complained that negative items they removed from their reports reappear. This is because the company may later discover that these items were legitimate and will appear on your report again.

Lexington Law

lexington law firm credit repair reviews

Whether you need help with a bankruptcy, debt, or other credit-related issue, credit repair is important. Lexington Law’s team of real attorneys and paralegals can help you improve your credit report. The team uses the proper legal channels to make sure that your information is correct, and they also assign a personal account representative to each client. This means you can speak with someone you know and trust. Credit repair companies have a number of benefits, but they aren’t a magic bullet.

The Lexington Law Firm has been offering credit repair services since 1991, and its attorneys have been leading the firm since 2004. The firm contacts credit bureaus on your behalf and disputes inaccurate negative items. Depending on your situation, they may be able to resolve your problem within five to ten business days. Some clients have even had their credit repaired while still working for the company. If you’re looking for a credit repair company that has earned stellar customer reviews, Lexington Law is a good choice.

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