Lexington Credit Repair Reviews

By Bob Jones Nov17,2022

lexington credit repair reviews

Using the internet to find Lexington credit repair reviews is a great way to find out what companies are reputable. These companies are accredited by the BBB, have real attorneys and paralegals on staff, and can work on your credit report in almost any state. They can also help you with the disavowal of items that may have been deleted from your report. The price is low and anyone can afford to use their services.

Price anyone can afford

Among the numerous credit repair companies on the market, Lexington Law stands out for several reasons. Among these are its comprehensive and effective service, its affordable plans, and the impressive suite of credit repair tools they provide. Whether you’re seeking credit repair for the first time or you’re in need of a complete overhaul, Lexington Law can help.

The company provides three credit repair packages to fit your needs. These plans include a free credit analysis, mobile app for tracking your finances, and the ability to contact an account rep 24 hours a day. Its Premier Plus plan includes a FICO Score, TransUnion credit report, and identity theft protection. The company also offers a barebones Polish plan if you don’t need the bells and whistles.

Staff consists of real attorneys and paralegals

Whether it’s a negative item on your credit report or inaccurate information, Lexington Law is a law firm that can help you. Aside from providing credit repair services, the firm also offers personal finance tools and identity protection.

The firm’s website offers an extensive list of resources for its customers. It includes an online application, a credit report assessment, and credit monitoring tools. The website also provides education materials.

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The Lexington Law Firm has attorneys and paralegals in multiple states. They work with the three major credit reporting agencies to dispute negative items on your report. The firm also employs creditor interventions to help remove inaccurate items. The firm’s lawyers and paralegals understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act and can help you eliminate misleading or inaccurate negative items.

Accreditation by the BBB

Several credit repair firms are accredited by the BBB. Lexington Law is one of them. Its services include credit analysis and dispute services. It also provides identity theft protection, credit monitoring, and other credit-related services.

Lexington Law offers its customers a free credit report consultation. Customers can also check their credit score online or on a mobile app. They can also contact an adviser by phone or email.

Lexington Law has more than 500,000 clients who have used its services to fix their credit. It’s also been a leader in the industry since it was launched in 2004.

Customers can check their credit score and dispute status online. It’s also possible to request accuracy checks or forbearance letters. They can also leave a review on Lexington Law’s website. It can take several months to resolve some disputes.


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