Is Lexington Law Credit Repair Legit?

By Bob Jones Nov8,2022

is lexington law credit repair legit

If you’re worried about your credit score, you might consider hiring Lexington Law to help you. This credit repair company can work to eliminate any mistakes on your report, including late payments, which can damage your credit score. Credit bureaus often incorrectly input data, which makes it possible for lenders to report a payment as late even if it was made on time. To correct these mistakes, Lexington Law contacts the lender and reporting bureaus to make the payment appear on your report as timely.


According to the company, some Americans are victims of unfair, inaccurate, or unverified negative items on their credit reports. In 2017, the company assisted over 10 million clients in removing these negative items from their credit reports. This means that there are many people out there who could benefit from Lexington Law’s credit repair services.

The Lexington Law credit repair service works with the three credit bureaus to remove negative items from their clients’ reports. They also utilize consumer protection statutes to resolve issues. This allows them to dispute errors in the quickest possible time. Additionally, the company has a mobile app that lets clients check their credit scores on the go.


Lexington Law is a credit repair company that provides a number of services. They also offer free resources for consumers to learn more about personal finance. However, many consumers have complained about the company’s service. Some claim they’ve been promised results but never received them, and others have complained that they’ve been treated poorly.

Lexington Law offers three credit repair packages to fix bad credit. Each package will address any inaccurate or unverifiable negative items that are preventing you from making a move from bad to good credit. These can include old debts that have not cleared your history. Although most negative items will fall off your report after seven years, they can still negatively affect your credit score. Additionally, Lexington Law will scan your credit reports to look for fraudulent activity and duplicate accounts.

Customers should be aware that Lexington Law does not offer a money-back guarantee for its services. Other top credit repair companies, such as Sky Blue, offer such guarantees. Additionally, there are complaints about Lexington Law’s failure to remove accurate negative information. However, this may be a matter of personal preference.


If you are looking for a credit repair firm, Lexington Law is a great option. The company provides several services, including obtaining copies of your credit reports and analyzing them. It also contacts credit bureaus on your behalf to dispute inaccurate items. Although it can take time for disputes to be resolved, clients can monitor the progress of their dispute online or through a mobile app. The company will also send out intervention letters and challenge letters to creditors as needed.

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Lexington Law offers a $50 discount for the first month of services. You can choose a plan that suits your budget and credit situation. The price of the credit repair service varies according to the number of negative items you want removed from your report. On average, the firm will remove up to 10 negative items.


If you are wondering how to raise your credit score, Lexington Law is the right choice for you. The credit repair company has the experience and resources to help you negotiate with creditors and petition the credit bureaus to remove incorrect or outdated information. They will also send you periodic updates regarding the progress of your dispute.

Their website is easy to use and features an online application. Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll be given a recommendation for a credit repair plan. You can even pay for the plan right on the site.

Money-back guarantee

There are several different ways to repair your credit. One option is to hire a credit repair agency. These companies have relationships with the major bureaus. They will also speak the language of the bureaus, which will help them get things removed. This will improve your credit score. A third option is to hire a law firm that is familiar with the bureaus and can help you. However, most credit repair agencies limit the number of disputes that they can make each month.

Another option is to use a money-back guarantee. While Lexington Law does not offer money-back guarantees, many of the top credit repair companies offer them. One example is Sky Blue, which offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for its services. It’s important to note that no credit repair company can guarantee the removal of 100% accurate negative information. However, some creditors will remove negative information as a gesture of goodwill.

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