Renting an Apartment with Bad Credit

Best Credit Repair Companies in Texas

best credit repair texas

When it comes to finding the best credit repair company in Texas, you should look no further than the professionals at Build My Scores. This company uses a multiple-phase audit process that takes between three to seven months to completely rebuild a consumer’s credit scores.… Continue reading

Renting an Apartrment with Bad Credit

apartments near me bad credit

When looking for an apartment, bad credit renters should be aware that they can still find no-credit-check apartments. Before, bad-credit renters could prepay a larger security deposit and only pay one month’s rent. This was done to protect them from high move-in fees. However, these… Continue reading

How to Find Bad Credit Rental Homes

The best way to find bad credit rental homes is to make a list of all of the things you are looking for.

Only consider locations that fit your budget and your needs. Be specific about your requirements and make sure that agents listen to… Continue reading

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